This has been a crazy couple of weeks hasn’t it!  We all went from working our full days in the office or in the field and then home.  Now home is where work is for most of us and recently, I came across something interesting.  As we find ourselves working and talking to our team via phone or zoom, or other means we seem to be missing a part of the office that isn’t in these meetings.  The Bonding of seeing someone in the hall and wishing them a Happy Birthday because you saw the balloons by their desk.  What about the discussion you overheard about a trip to Maui that one of the techs was planning to take this summer?

Bonding is an important part of working together and I had heard of a team leader that was setting up 15 minutes to video chat with each individual member. This is such a great idea!  She was even putting in themes such as Disney or Movies to help the discussion along and all while learning more about her team.  You can also see what they are dealing with or what keeps them going during this time.

We all need to do more to keep our teams more in communication with us and it puts a little bit of the human experience back into the work environment.  Yet this also can help with productivity in the team.  Yes, it is nice to be at home and work in your comfy clothes, but it is nice to have someone else listen to you too about who you are and how we are all getting through this experience together.

There is no reason that we can’t keep this up during this time and then afterwards when we get back into the office.  Tell me about what you are doing to get to know your team a little better!